Need High-Throughput? You Got It.

We believe that ExoQuick ULTRA is by far the market’s best way of processing individual samples.

But what if you need an EV isolation system that’s fast, easy, and high-throughput to boot? What if you need to quickly collect and compare EVs from multiple sources at once?

We’ve developed the industry’s leading solution for that, too.

It’s called the SmartSEC HT EV Isolation System; a proprietary chromatography-based EV isolation method that features an impressive, 96-well plate, format that allows you to isolate EVs from as many samples in less than 1 hour.

Most importantly, SmartSEC HT is a high performance system that achieves levels of purity and yield better than ultracentrifugation and comparable systems out on the market.

We have the data to back our claims too (Diagram 3.11 & Diagram 3.12).

Diagram 3.11: SmartSEC™ HT delivers high yields of EVs with low amounts of undesirable carry-over protein.EVs were prepared from 500 µL of serum (A) or plasma (B) using the indicated methods. For Western blot analysis, 1 µg protein equivalent from the first fraction was loaded into each lane. SmartSEC™ HT performs better than ultracentrifugation and a competitor’s “q” SEC column.

Diagram 3.12: SmartSEC™ HT delivers higher yields than ultracentrifugation and a competitor’s “q” SEC column. 

As you can probably imagine at this point, the SmartSEC HT is a very powerful system that can accelerate and improve your EV biomarker discovery as well as diagnostic and therapeutic R&D.

And it can be employed with minimal fuss. Three easy steps, in fact (Diagram 3.13).

Step 1. All you need to do is prep the filter plate and add 250 – 500 µL of cleared serum or plasma into each well. Incubate thereafter

Step 2. Centrifuge to elute the first fraction.

Step 3. Add an equal volume of SmartSEC Isolation Buffer and centrifuge again into a clean plate to elute the second fraction.

That’s all there is to it.

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