Dedicated to driving your scientific discoveries

We drive your discoveries by delivering innovative products and services that speed research and simplify workflows, because great tools fuel powerful insights

At SBI, we are a highly-motivated team committed to converting new technologies into unique and innovative cell and molecular biology products and services. We pride ourselves on being among the first to market with many of our product families, as well as our dedication to the continuing improvement of existing products, our high-quality manufacturing and execution of services, and our deep scientific expertise.

We ensure our products and services are delivered with quality and care by building internal teams that possess:

  • A strong and proven background in creative research and product development, with proficiencies in genetic analysis, microarray technology, and cell biology
  • Extensive business development and management experience
  • A keen understanding of the needs of life scientists
  • Expertise in developing, marketing, and supporting consistent, high-quality research products and services
  • A clear focus on the need to build and maintain lasting customer relationships through support, service, and close customer interaction

We look forward to supporting your science with our products, services, and technical support teams!

An important part of this mission is our commitment to quality, both in manufacturing and through customer service. Through extensive quality control systems and an experienced customer service team that provides detailed, one-on-one scientific support, we demonstrate our dedication to delivering excellence and fueling your science.

Whether you use established methodologies or the latest cutting-edge techniques, we support efficient research so you can focus on what’s important—understanding the data and expanding the frontiers of science.