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  1. CLOuD9 Gene Expression Regulation
    Study gene expression regulation by inducing the formation of reversible chromatin loops anywhere in the genome.
  2. ExoMS Surface Protein Capture Kits
    Isolate only the surface proteins of EVs isolated from tissue culture or other biofluids for proteomics studies.
  3. ExoGlow-NTA Fluorescent Labeling Kit
    See only extracellular vesicles with NanoSight for more accurate particle size analysis and quantitation.
  4. ExoMAX Opti Enhancer
    Streamline exosome sample preparation for density gradient ultracentrifugation with this easy-to-use reagent.
  5. ExoGlow Labeling Kits
    See EVs better with reagents specifically optimized for labeling.

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Seeking out novel technologies and tomorrow’s hot new research areas, the team at SBI accelerates research by striving to be the first company to develop and commercialize new inventions. From novel genome editing tools to exosome research, expression and imaging vectors, RNAi libraries, and stem cell tools, SBI harnesses today’s innovations to drive tomorrow’s discoveries.