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  • Zhang, CY, et al. (2017) Overexpression of long non-coding RNA MEG3 suppresses breast cancer cell proliferation, invasion, and angiogenesis through AKT pathway. Tumour Biol.. 2017 Jun 1; 39(6):1010428317701311. PM ID: 28635399
  • Yang, L, et al. (2017) Transcriptional co-activator with PDZ-binding motif overexpression promotes cell proliferation and transcriptional co-activator with PDZ-binding motif deficiency induces cell cycle arrest in neuroblastoma. Oncol Lett. 2017 Jun 1; 13(6):4295-4301. PM ID: 28599430
  • Desgagné, V, et al. (2017) Changes in high-density lipoprotein-carried miRNA contribution to the plasmatic pool after consumption of dietary trans fat in healthy men. Epigenomics. 2017 May 1; 9(5):669-688. PM ID: 28470118
  • Marsboom, G, et al. (2017) Aberrant caveolin-1–mediated Smad signaling and proliferation identified by analysis of adenine 474 deletion mutation (c.474delA) in patient fibroblasts: a new perspective on the mechanism of pulmonary hypertension. Molecular biology of the Cell. 2017 May 1; 28(9):1177-1185. Link: Molecular biology of the Cell
  • Zamboni, CG, et al. (2017) Polymeric nanoparticles as cancer-specific DNA delivery vectors to human hepatocellular carcinoma. J Control Release. 2017 Mar 27;. PM ID: 28351668
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  • Braganza, A, et al. (2017) UBE3B Is a Calmodulin-regulated, Mitochondrion-associated E3 Ubiquitin Ligase. J. Biol. Chem.. 2017 Feb 10; 292(6):2470-2484. PM ID: 28003368
  • Small, RNA. (2017) QuantiMir RT Kit Small RNA Quantitation System. Product. ;. Link: Product
  • Domenis, R, et al. (2017) Systemic T Cells Immunosuppression of Glioma Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes Is Mediated by Monocytic Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells. PLoS ONE. 2017 Jan 20; 12(1):e0169932. PM ID: 28107450
  • Day, BW, et al. (2017) P01. 08 miRNAs in serum exosomes, as reliable non-invasive biomarkers to facilitate the clinical management of patients with gliomas. Neuro Oncol. 2017 Apr 19; 19(suppl_3):iii24. Link: Neuro Oncol