Signal Transduction

Easily study signal transduction with products and services that provide a range of choices for promoter-reporter combinations and even pre-built cell lines

Leverage SBI's highly-regarded gene expression and delivery systems to study signal transduction. With products that include pre-built signal transduction reporter vectors and pre-built cell lines as well as services that can quickly deliver custom constructs and cell lines, SBI is ready to support your signal transduction monitoring needs.

Outsource for Efficiency

Let SBI take care of making your signal transduction vectors and cell lines for you with our comprehensive, end-to-end services. Backed by a highly experienced team that's successfully built hundreds of custom vectors and cell lines and completed in our state-of-the-art facility in Palo Alto, CA, our services deliver consistent quality, confidentiality, and timely project delivery.

  • Syn2Clone Custom Constructs—quickly get custom constructs for your signal transduction studies with our pipette-free service. Simply email us the sequence of your gene and we'll synthesize and clone it into any of our inducible vectors for little more than the cost of the empty vector.
  • Stable Cell Lines—have SBI handle construction of stable cell lines that support your signal transduction research