Integrase-based Systems

When you want non-viral expression from low or single-copy integration events, and/or have a large insert size, choose one of SBI’s integrase-based systems

Choose one of SBI’s integrase-based gene expression systems when you want a non-viral system that integrates at low- or single-copy. Both our PhiC31 and PinPoint Systems support unlimited insert sizes, and come in a variety of promoter and reporter combinations.

The PhiC31 Integrase System

  • Frequently used for gene therapy development and related applications
  • Non-viral transgene delivery
  • Single-step process
  • Single-copy integration
  • Preferential integration at active sites
  • Delivery of inserts with no size constraints
  • Easy generation of cell lines

The PinPoint Targeted Integration System

  • Isogenic cell line creation
  • Reliable and efficient cell line generation and retargeting
  • Non-viral transgene delivery
  • Two-step process
  • High-efficiency, site-specific, single-copy integration
  • Delivery of inserts with no size constraints
  • Compatible with high-throughput workflows