Gene Delivery

SBI offers a range of technologies for delivering genes into cells—viral and non-viral vectors, transduction and transfection reagents, products & services

With viral and non-viral options for introducing genes into cells, and reagents for increasing the efficiency of transduction and transfection, SBI's delivers high-performing choices for most gene delivery needs. From our reliable, high-titer lentivirus packaging and production products to services that deliver foreign DNA-free, ready-to-use minicircle plasmids, SBI's got gene delivery products and services to drive your research. And all backed by over a decade of experience.

Outsource for efficiency

Stay focused on your science—have SBI handle your gene delivery projects. As with all of our services, these offerings come with comprehensive scientific support that includes consultation with our experienced scientific team. Have questions or not sure what's the best way to proceed? Our scientists have successfully completed hundreds of gene delivery projects and are ready to work with you on experimental design.

Choose any of our gene delivery-related services below—mix and match services to get what your research needs.

  • Exosome Engineering—use exosomes as a non-viral method for gene delivery
  • Syn2Clone Custom Constructs—keep your hands off your pipettes with this service where you simply email us your gene sequence. We synthesize the gene and clone it into the SBI construct of your choice, all for little more than the cost of the empty vector.
  • Lentivirus Packaging—high-titer and ultra-high titer preparations that are also available at scales of 1–10 mLs.
  • Minicircle Services—get all the advantages of minicircle technology to deliver the gene of your choice