Affordable and easy custom plasmid synthesis—choose any SBI vector, send us your sequence, and get your custom construct in as little as 2 weeks.

A simpler, easier way to get the constructs you need

With SBI’s highly affordable Syn2Clone service, you can order any of SBI’s well-validated and highly published vectors with your gene-of-interest already in it. For little more than the cost of the empty vector, our custom plasmid synthesis service will construct your gene and clone it directly into the SBI vector of your choice, with satisfaction guaranteed. Just send us your sequence and vector selection, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’re not happy with our plasmid construction service, contact us within thirty days of receiving your Syn2Clone construct and we’ll give you 50% product credit.

Get constructs the easy way with Syn2Clone—request a quote now, or contact us with any questions.

Syn2clone Custom Plasmid Synthesis Services highlights:

Affordable—custom constructs using any of SBI’s well-validated vectors, such as pCDH lentivectors, AAV, piggyBac, Minicircle, PhiC31 integrase vectors, and more

Guaranteed—receive 50% product credit if you’re unhappy with your Syn2Clone construct for any reason (request must be received within 30 days of receiving the shipment)

Fast—custom gene synthesis and sub-cloning in as little as 2 weeks

Easy—just send us your sequence, we’ll take care of synthesis and cloning

Here are two examples of recently completed Syn2Clone projects:

  • Design, synthesis, and cloning of a complex miR precursor in 2 weeks
  • Design, synthesis, and cloning of a large ORF + reporter fusion, marker, and selection cassette (~8kb single-piece insert) within 7–8 weeks

Choose from any of SBI’s gene delivery platforms

Viral Systems Non-viral Systems
Integrating Vectors
Great for general gene or non-coding RNA functional studies and applications where heritable expression is desired
High-titer and reliable

  • Random integration
  • Limited insert size
  • High copy number
Easy, consistent transgenesis

  • Random integration
  • Unlimited insert size
  • High copy number
PhiC31 Integrase System
One-step single-copy integration

  • Site-specific integration
  • Unlimited insert size
  • Single copy number
Non-integrating Vectors
Great for sensitive applications, such as gene therapy, that need to avoid potential host gene disruptions due to vector integration
AAV Vectors
Effective gene delivery without viral integration

  • Limited insert size
  • High copy number
Enhanced Episomal Vectors
Easy episomal expression

  • Unlimited insert size
  • High copy number
Minicircle Technology
Episomal expression free from foreign DNA

  • Unlimited insert size
  • High copy number

How SBI's Custom Plasmid Synthesis Service Works

Step 1

Contact the services team for a quote by emailing Be sure to include information on your gene-of-interest.

Step 2

Receive your custom construct in as little as two weeks.