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Exosome-depleted FBS

Study exosomes from cultured cells
and not from bovine serum

Bovine exosomes removed from FBS

  • Bovine exosomes are present in FBS
  • Exosome-sized and CD63 vesicles removed
  • No more detectable bovine microRNAs
  • Exo-FBS supports robust cell growth rates

Exo-FBS Overview: When You're Not Studying Bovine Exosomes

Do you study bovine exosomes? If not, and you use fetal bovine serum (FBS) in your cell or tissue culture media, you may be isolating more bovine exosomes than you realize. Serum is a rich source of exosomes, FBS included. In order to help scientists study only the exosomes they want, SBI provides Exo-FBS™ exosome-depleted FBS.

  • Exosome-sized vesicles removed
  • Very low levels of CD63 positive cow exosomes
  • Undetectable levels of cow microRNAs
  • Comparable growth rates as standard FBS
  • Identical use as standard FBS (add 10% in DMEM or RPMI)


Standard growth media for most cells in culture require FBS as a growth supplement to DMEM. FBS is derived from bovine (cow) serum and contains a high abundance of cow exosome vesicles. These exosomes can interfere or cause significant background issues when studying the exosomes secreted from your cells of interest in standard culture conditions.

SBI has developed an exosome-depleted FBS growth supplement called Exo-FBS that has been stripped of bovine exosomes. Exo-FBS supports equivalent growth of many types of cells in culture, is devoid of cow CD63-positive exosomes, and does not have any measurable bovine microRNAs. Cell growth in Exo-FBS is comparable to standard FBS. The process of manufacturing of Exo-FBS is a patented method in Patent No.: US 9,005,888 B2.


Perform your studies of cellular secreted exosomes in culture without the worry of contaminating cow exosomes in your experiments, and with no ultracentrifugation required when you use ExoQuick-TC. Available as standard FBS supplement or heat inactivated FBS media supplement (treated at 65°C for 15 minutes before bovine exosome removal).