SBI’s services team is ready to support your RNA studies with custom RNA synthesis, qPCR-based profiling, and custom miRNA overexpression and knockdown constructs

Whether you want to get fast protein expression by transfecting or injecting mRNA into cells or are studying regulatory RNAs—miRNAs, lncRNAs, etc—through profiling, overexpression, or knockdowns, the SBI team is ready to support your studies with our custom RNA synthesis services. Backed by our high-quality RNA products, including the most comprehensive miRNA libraries for qPCR and extensive, pre-built miRNA precursor and miRNA knockdown constructs, our team delivers an excellent customer service experience. We deliver high success rates, frequent customer communication, and fast, reliable timelines. Plus the confidentiality that comes with having all aspects of the project completed on-site in our Palo Alto, CA facility.

mRNA Synthesis Services

Ready-to-go, hassle-free custom mRNAs

miRNA & lncRNA Profiling Services

Includes data analysis and interpretation

Custom miRNA Precursor and anti-miRNA (miRZip) Services

Save time by leaving construction to us

If you don’t see the RNA service you need above, don’t hesitate to contact us with your project needs—our scientific team is available to deliver custom RNA services for many applications. Or, you can reach us by email at services@systembio.com.