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Custom Services

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High-quality Custom Services

  • Custom cloning and virus packaging
  • Cas9 and TALEN construction
  • Custom iPSCs and stable cell lines
  • Large-scale minicircle production
  • Exosome custom services

One-Stop Source For All Your Exosome Service Needs

Next-Generation RNA Sequencing Service to Discover Novel Exosome RNA Biomarkers

Simply send SBI any biofluid (serum, media, urine, CSF) and we will take care of the rest. Complete exosome RNA Next-Gen sequence analytics solution for researchers interested in identifying novel exosome-associated RNA biomarkers. Abundance, RNA type, expression heatmaps and genomic mapping all included in service.


Mass Spec Service for Exosome Protein Biomarker Discovery

SBI's Mass Spec custom services allow researchers to discover exosome surface and/or internal protein biomarkers. SBI routinely generates high quality exosome peptide libraries for Mass spec analysis from exosomes isolated using ultracentrifugation as well as using ExoQuick (serum, plasma, ascites samples) or ExoQuick-TC (cell media, urine, spinal fluid) or immunopurified for specific exosome subpopulations using SBI's Exo-Flow IP kits. We offer either exosome surface protein "shaving" peptide libraries or complete exosome peptide library preparations.


Exosome Characterization by NanoSight

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SBI performs custom particle characterization services using the NanoSight technology to visualize, measure and characterize virtually all exosomes and microvesicles. Exosome particle size and concentration can all be analyzed simultaneously. Obtain accurate exosome concentration and size measurements all in one report.

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