SBI’s Exo-NGS exosomal RNA sequencing service makes it easy to expand your biomarker research to include exosomal RNAs, no matter your exosome or NGS experience.

Getting better insights from exosomal RNA biomarkers is as easy as S-B-I


Because we know exosomes and we know how to deliver on end-to-end service

For many researchers interested in sequencing exosomal RNA—whether it’s for biomarker discovery and profiling, or addressing other research questions—it may seem like there are too many hurdles to overcome to get to the data:
  • How much sample is required?
  • What’s the best way to isolate exosomes?
  • Does this data look right?

Fortunately, SBI is here to cut through your uncertainties by providing a customized service with full levels of support. Whether you’re an exosome expert or brand new to the field, SBI’s Exo-NGS™ (Exosome NGS RNA-Seq) services can accelerate your biomarker discovery and profiling.

Because we've been working with exosomes for years, we can reliably and reproducibly isolate exosomes from almost any biofluid including:

* Plasma
* Tissue culture media
* Synovial Fluid.

We also have the ability to handle challenging samples, such as mouse bronchial alveolar fluid.

And more importantly for exosome RNA-Seq, we routinely generate high-quality exosomal RNA libraries from as little 1 ng of total RNA, which is unparalleled given the challenges of obtaining high-quality RNA from exosomes. SBI can overcome these experimental hurdles to deliver quality and meaningful NGS data from your exosome samples.

Lastly, but not least, looking beyond the data, we can provide what your average NGS company cannot: the expertise of working with exosomes and exosomal biomarker samples. We’ve run thousands of samples and know what to expect from exosome NGS RNA-Seq studies. We don’t just deliver raw data, we provide analyzed files and typically spend time with you reviewing your results and providing expert insights into your data, a value-add that is rare in this industry. Still not sure? Take a look at the data below, and then contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions before, during, or after your Exo-NGS service—email services@systembio.com.

EXO-NGS, Exosomal RNA Sequencing Service Highlights:

More usable reads for uncovering novel biomarkers

Any type of exosomal RNA

Low sample requirements (as little as 1ng of total RNA)

Any biofluid (we handle exosome isolation)

Unparalleled end-to-end scientific support

How SBI's Exo-NGS Sequencing Service Works

Step 1

Contact the services team for a quote by emailing services@systembio.com.

Step 2

Send us your samples.

Step 3

Get your data files and a web-based presentation of the findings.

Supporting Data

Good exosome NGS RNA-seq data starts with as little as 1 ng of total RNA.

How do we get quality NGS data from such small amounts of RNA? It starts with the library prep. The standard methods for preparing RNA libraries often results in a large overlap between adaptor dimers and exosomal RNAs (Figure 1A). However, at SBI, we’ve modified the library prep to better separate the exosomal RNA from uninformative adaptor sequences (Figure 1B). The result is more usable sequencing reads from lower amounts of RNA as seen by the number (Figure 2) and percentage (Figure 3) of usable reads as well as the number (Figure 4) and percentages (Figure 5) of mapped reads. Fewer adaptors and more exosomal reads mean better insights from your data.

Figure 1. SBI’s exosomal RNA library preps provide better separation between exosomal RNA and the uninformative adaptor dimers.(A) Using standard library preparation methods, the adaptor dimer band overlaps with the exosomal RNA band, leading higher levels of contaminating adaptor sequence reads and fewer usable exosomal RNA reads. (B) SBI’s library preparation method leads to better separation between the adaptor sequences and the exosomal RNA, resulting in a higher percentage of usable exosomal RNA sequence reads.

Figure 2. SBI’s exosomal RNA library preps result in more total reads and more usable reads after quality assessment and control (QA/QC) filtering.

Figure 3. SBI’s exosomal RNA library preps result in a higher percentage of usable reads.

Figure 4. SBI’s exosomal RNA library preps result in a higher number of mapped reads.

Figure 5. SBI’s exosomal RNA library preps result in a higher percentage of mapped reads.