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Purified Exosomes and Dexosomes

Pre-made Cancer, Stem Cell and Dendritic Cell
Exosomes ready for transfection

Intact & Bioactive Exosomes

  • Purified exosomes for standards
  • Use for protein, and RNA cargo studies
  • Mesenchymal stem cell exosomes
  • Engineering-ready Dexosomes

Purified Human and Mouse exosomes

Exosomes are 60 - 180 nm membrane vesicles secreted by most cell types in vivo and in vitro and contain distinct subsets of RNAs and proteins depending upon the cell type from which they are secreted, making them useful for biomarker discovery and functional characterization. Exosomes are nano-sized shuttles that transport signaling RNAs, lipids and proteins to other cells. Studying exosome contents are thus a "liquid bioposy" for biomarkers to gain insights into their roles in disease initiation and progression.

What can I do with purified exosomes?

  • Use highly purified exosomes for standards
  • Utilize for protein, and RNA cargo studies
  • Investigate Human Mesenchymal stem cell exosomes for activity in vivo
  • CD63 Western blot analysis verified
  • Engineer the Murine dendritic cell exosomes as RNA/protein delivery vehicles

Cancer, Stem cells and Exosomes

Tumor-secreted exosomes have intact and functional mRNAs, small RNAs, and proteins that can alter the cellular environment to favor tumor growth. Tumor metastasis involves manipulation of the tumor's microenvironment to optimize conditions for survival and growth both locally and to begin seeding for expansion into distant sites. Potential locations for remote tumor implantation are thus prepared in advance of actual metastasis through exosomal intercellular communications. SBI has purified exosomes from numerous, model human cancer cell lines in culture to accelerate the studies of their signaling contents and how these tumor exosomes function.
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are the stem cell of choice for regenerative medicine and their exosomes are known to promoter tissue injury repair and reduce inflammatory responses. There is great interest in exploring the cargo of MSC exosomes enginnering them for potential therapeutic applications. SBI offers highly purified exosomes from human bone marrow and preadipocyte MSCs for advancing the research of MSC-derived exosomes. For use in animal models, murine bone marrow-derived immature dendritic cell line exosomes are also available. These exosomes can be engineered as delivery shuttles in vivo after transfecting them with exogenous RNAs and even shuttling some drugs to target cells.

How the exosomes are prepared

  • All cell lines grown in exosome-depleted FBS (Exo-FBS)
  • Exosomes purified using ExoQuick-TC
  • Characterized by NanoSight for size and intactness
  • CD63 Western blot analysis verified
  • Exosomes at >1x10^10 exosomes/ml (50 ug protein)
  • Exosomes are fully functional