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Biomarker discovery and profiling at SBI—reliable products that simplify your workflows and end-to-end services that include data analysis and interpretation

Whether you’d like to profile miRNA or lncRNA or expand into exosome-derived biomarkers, SBI’s got you covered with a range of reliable products that streamline your workflows and end-to-end services that come with comprehensive scientific support.

About exosomal biomarkers

Once thought to be cellular waste products, exosomes are increasingly recognized as an excellent source of circulating biomarkers. Their molecular composition and cargo can provide insights into the physiology of the parent cell as well as any physiological processes that occur after being shed. And their presence in a variety of easy-to-obtain biofluids simplifies sample collection.

Biomarker discovery and profiling product families at SBI

Biomarker discovery and profiling services at SBI


Whatever type of exosomal biomarker you’re interested in studying—whether it’s RNAs (miRNA and other noncoding RNA), DNAs, proteins, metabolites, or lipids—getting high quality, ready-to-analyze data is as easy as sending in your biofluid samples to SBI. Our experienced Exosome Services team takes care of all the rest, from exosome isolation and biomarker extraction up to QC and delivery of your data. We even include data interpretation and scientific consultation.

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miRNAs and lncRNAs

Leveraging our sensitive and highly quantitative RNA products, SBI’s miRNA and lncRNA Profiling Services deliver comprehensive, end-to-end profiling services that can be customized to meet your project’s needs. Learn more about our miRNA and lncRNA Profiling Services here.