SBI’s Exosome Proteomics Services make it easy to expand your biomarker research to include exosomal proteins, no matter your exosome or mass spec experience.

Easily expand your biomarker studies to exosomal proteins


Because we know exosomes and we know how to deliver on end-to-end service

SBI’s Proteomics Services makes it easy to profile exosomal proteins, whether you’re hunting for biomarkers, seeking easy-to-access information on the physiology of the parent cell, or studying exosome biology. Our customized services provide comprehensive support that includes a pre-service consultation and everything from exosome isolation to data acquisition, analysis, and even interpretation. The result is high quality exosomal proteomics data regardless of whether you have a lot of experience working with exosomes or are new to the field.

Because we’ve been working with exosomes for years, we can reliably and reproducibly isolate exosomes from almost any biofluid—from plasma and tissue culture media to CSF, synovial fluid, and even mouse bronchial alveolar fluid (a challenging sample where exosomes are concerned!). And importantly for researchers working with limited sample volumes, our sample input requirements are very low (See Table 1 below).

We can also work with already isolated exosomes, although we recommend using our proven sample preparation approaches which typically deliver cleaner peptide libraries with lower amounts of carryover protein, for more reliable exosome proteomics data.

Lastly, but not least, looking beyond the data, we can provide what your average proteomics service company cannot: the expertise of working with exosomes and exosomal biomarker samples. We’ve run thousands of samples and know what to expect from exosome proteomics studies. We don’t just deliver raw data, we provide analyzed files and typically spend time with you reviewing your results and providing expert insights into your data, a value-add that is rare in this industry. Still have questions? Ready to order? Email us at services@systembio.com.

Exosome Proteomics service highlights:

Proprietary sample cleanup procedure reduces non-specific proteins found in biofluids

Both EV total and surface protein profiling services available

Libraries prepared using standard trypsin cleavage for MASCOT compatibility

Data file compatibility with Scaffold viewer simplifies data mining and analysis

Fast turn-around times—approximately 4 weeks

Data Deliverables:

How it Works

Step 1

Contact the services team for a quote by emailing services@systembio.com.

Step 2

Send us your samples.

Step 3

Get your data files and a web-based presentation of the findings.

Input sample requirements

Serum, plasma, ascites fluid 0.5–1 ml
Cell media, urine, CSF 5–10 ml
Other Inquire