Signaling Pathway Reporters

Easily follow signal transduction with our pre-built, ready-to-go vectors that provide qualitative and quantitative data on a variety of signaling pathways

Leveraging SBI’s robust lentivector technology, our pGreenFire signaling pathway reporter vectors accelerate your signal transduction studies with a range of ready-to-transfect, ready-to-package, and ready-to-transduce constructs and pre-built cell lines. Because each pGreenFire construct co-express copGFP and luciferase, you can get both live cell imaging and quantitative pathway activation data from the same cells. The pGreenFire 2.0 vectors upgrade the first generation reporters with a clever design that streamlines your workflow and expands your imaging options. The second generation of pGreenFire reporters can be used directly for stable cell line generation saving you an extra cloning step. In addition, pGreenFire 2.0 vectors replace the conventional luciferase reporter with red firefly luciferase, which opens up the possibility of performing a dual-spectral luciferase assay and delivers greater sensitivity for in vivo applications than conventional luciferase.