293TN Producer Cell Line

Optimized for high titer virus production and lentivector delivery to target cells, use SBI’s 293TN Cell Line with our pPACKH1 or pPACKF1 packaging systems

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293TN Producer Cell Line

2 x 10^6 Cells


Delivering high titer lentivirus preps

Optimized for effective, high-titer production of pseudoviral particles, SBI’s 293TN Producer Cell Line has been transformed with the SV40 large T antigen to promote robust growth and features the neomycin resistance marker for stable propagation. The 293TN packaging cell line is shipped at low passage (P2).

How It Works

Take your transduction efficiencies to a whole new level

293TN Cells are optimized to deliver high titer lentiviral preparations

Supporting Data

Efficiently package your lentivector with SBI’s 293TN Cells

Efficiently package your lentivector with SBI’s 293TN Cells

Figure 1. 293TN cells actively producing lentivirus and packaging a lentivector containing a GFP marker.


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