Lenti-miR Libraries

Leverage SBI’s powerful and highly-effective Lenti-miR technology for efficient miRNA screening with our pooled Lenti-miR libraries

Whether you’re using miRNAs to study cellular processes or develop the next generation of therapeutics, SBI’s pooled Lenti-miR virus libraries are a superior alternative to synthetic miRNA libraries. Like synthetic miRs, SBI’s precursor miRNAs can be transfected into target cells for transient miR expression. But unlike synthetic miRs, they can also be transduced into a variety of target cells—including primary cells, stem cells, and other hard-to-transfect cell lines—to create stable miR-producing cell lines, maximizing your options for miR expression.

In addition, SBI’s Lenti-miRs are designed for efficient expression and accurate processing into mature miRNAs, for native miR-like behavior. Each construct is cloned with the native stem-loop structure plus an additional 200–400 bps of upstream and downstream DNA, ensuring that the miRNA processing machinery operates just as it would with the native transcript.