The easiest way to get high-quality, functional, ready-to-use exosomes—any biofluid, a range of production scales, expert scientific support.

Accelerate discovery and development with SBI’s Exosome Isolation & Manufacturing Services


Because we know exosomes and we know how to deliver on end-to-end service

Need exosomes? SBI’s Exosome Isolation & Manufacturing Services can deliver. We’ve been working with exosomes for years, and can reliably and reproducibly isolate exosomes from almost any biofluid—from plasma and tissue culture media to CSF, synovial fluid, and even mouse bronchial alveolar fluid (a challenging sample where exosomes are concerned!). Choose your scale and choose your biofluid, and choose your isolation method. If you have any questions, our experienced services team can provide a customized scientific consultation—email services@systembio.com.

How SBI's Exosome Isolation and Manufacturing Services Work

Step 1

Contact the services team for a quote by emailing services@systembio.com.

Step 2

Send us your biofluid.

Step 3

Receive your isolated exosomes complete with NanoSight™ characterization.

SBI’s Exosome Isolation & Manufacturing Services take advantage of our robust and reliable reagents for exosome isolation.