Exosome Isolation

Start your exosome research right with products that simplify high-quality exosome isolation

SBI offers a portfolio of products to simplify high-quality exosome isolation from many types of biofluids. Choose from our ExoQuick® family of reagents for ultracentrifugation-free isolation. Not sure which ExoQuick is right for you? Choose based on your application:

  • Purest EV isolation: ExoQuick ULTRA and ExoQuick-TC ULTRA—our most advanced EV isolation system to-date
  • General purpose isolation: ExoQuick (for plasma, serum, and ascites fluid) and ExoQuick-TC (for tissue culture media)
  • Pre-clinical in vivo applications: ExoQuick-CG
  • To remove contaminating lipoprotein particles from plasma or serum: ExoQuick-LP

And for researchers looking to isolate exosomes from cultured cells, use Exo-FBS to avoid contaminating your preps with bovine exosomes.