Exosome Engineering

Put exosomes to work by engineering them to deliver specific cargo of protein, miRNA, and small molecules—have SBI handle the engineering, or do it yourself

Capable of delivering cargoes of protein, nucleic acid (miRNA, mRNA, DNA), and even small molecules such as metabolites or dyes to target cells, exosomes can be a highly-effective life science research tool. When you'd like to engineer exosomes to use as delivery vehicles, such as for labeling target cells, delivering therapeutics, or as a non-viral transfection method, you can turn to SBI. We offer a range of options for loading cargo, provide an easy system for creating exosomes that target specific cells, and can even take care of all of the engineering for you.

With years of experience providing exosome research products and services, you can rely on SBI’s expertise for all of your exosome engineering needs.

Outsource for efficiency

Great for those new to exosomes and researchers already in the field, SBI can help you stay focused on your science by engineering exosomes for your applications. Learn more about our Exosome Engineering Services.