CAR-T Research

Stay focused on your CAR-T research with SBI’s trusted lentivirus packaging products and services for reliable and efficient T-cell transduction

In the race to develop new immunotherapies, getting reliable and efficient T-cell transduction is often a critical step—how can you test the activity of your CAR-T constructs if you can’t count on them getting delivered into the cell? Fortunately, immunotherapy researchers can turn to SBI’s well validated and widely used products and services for lentivirus production, which deliver ultra-high titer virus for dependable T-cell transduction.

Outsource for efficiency

Experienced, ultra-high titer virus production services

For immunotherapy researchers who want to maximize timelines and leverage SBI’s years of experience producing lentiviral particles, we offer an ultra-high titer virus production service that can deliver ready-to-transduce virus preparations of up to 10e9 IFU/ml in as little as 10 days. Large-scale production (1–10 mL of ultra-high titer virus) also available. Learn more about our Lentivirus Packaging Services.

Pipette-free custom lentivector construction

If you’d like to speed up your immunotherapy studies even further, you can have SBI take care of cloning your CAR-T constructs into one of our widely-used lentivectors. Our service is pipette-free for you because you just choose an SBI lentivector and then email us your CAR-T sequence. We synthesize the gene and clone it into your chosen construct. Learn more about our Syn2Clone Custom Constructs Service.

Expert service that’s fast and reliable

Save even more time and have SBI make your stable cell lines. We’ll package any Syn2Clone construct or you can send your CAR-T construct to us and we’ll handle transduction. Learn more about our Stable Cell Line Services.