Anti-CD63 Antibody with Goat Anti-Rabbit HRP Secondary Antibody

Detect exosomes using SBI’s rigorously validated polyclonal rabbit anti-CD63 antibodies that recognize the human and mouse versions of the protein.

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Anti-CD63 Antibody (rabbit anti-human) with goat anti-rabbit HRP secondary antibody

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Confirm exosome isolation with confidence

When you’re ready to confirm that you’ve isolated exosomes, stick with the exosome experts at SBI. Our polyclonal rabbit anti-CD63 antibodies recognize the human and mouse forms of the protein, and are a great choice for general exosome detection, especially when used in conjunction with antibodies for other exosome markers such as the tetraspanins CD9 and CD81, as well as the heat shock protein HSP70 (if you have any questions about the best antibodies to use for your exosome project, we’re ready to help! Just email us at And, like all of our antibodies, our anti-CD63 antibody and the included goat anti-rabbit HRP secondary antibodies are rigorously validated for exosome detection via Western blotting.

  • Rigorously validated
  • Hand-picked selection
  • Expert exosome support

Choose the right antibody for your exosome detection needs

Cat.# Antibody to Notes Link to ExoCarta entry for the human protein
General exosome markers
EXOAB-CD9A-1 CD9 Tetraspanin ExoCarta_928
EXOAB-CD63A-1 CD63 Tetraspanin ExoCarta_967
EXOAB-CD81A-1 CD81 Tetraspanin ExoCarta_93185
EXOAB-Hsp70A-1 HSP70 ExoCarta_3303, ExoCarta_3304, ExoCarta_3306, ExoCarta_3308, ExoCarta 3310, ExoCarta_3311
EXOAB-ALIX-1 ALIX Programmed cell death 6 interacting protein (PDCD6IP) ExoCarta_10015
EXOAB-ANXA5-1 ANXA5-1 Annexin A5 ExoCarta_308
EXOAB-TSG101-1 TSG101 Tumor susceptibility gene 101 ExoCarta_7251
EXOAB-FLOT1-1 FLOT-1 Flotillin-1 ExoCarta_10211
Tissue-specific exosome markers
EXOAB-CXCR4-1 CXCR4 Specific for B-cells, T-cells, and platelets ExoCarta_7852
EXOAB-EPCAM1-1 EpCam Specific for cancer-derived exosomes ExoCarta_4072
EXOAB-VMTN-1 Vimentin Specific for mesenchymal stem cells ExoCarta_7431

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