Exosomes from Pooled Human Urine (Healthy Donors)

Accelerate your exosome studies with these ready-to-use purified exosomes from pooled human urine from healthy donors.

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Purified Exosomes from Human Urine (Healthy Donors)

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Purified Exosomes from Human Urine (Healthy Donors)

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25 µg
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Fuel your biomarker studies with purified exosomes from human biofluids
Whether you’re looking for exosome standards, performing functional studies, evaluating biomarkers, or engineering exosomes for therapeutic delivery, you can get your research moving faster with our ready-to-use exosomes isolated from the pooled urine of healthy human donors.

  • Ready to use—no validation required
  • Lot-to-lot QC and validation data provided with every sales unit
  • Fully standardized exosome controls

Prepared with quality and care
Our purified exosomes from pooled human biofluid samples come from healthy donors and include exosomes isolated from serum (Cat.# EXOP-500A-1), urine (Cat.# EXOP-520A-1), CSF (Cat.# EXOP-530A-1), and saliva (Cat.# EXOP-510A-1), with more biofluids on the way. Each lot of exosomes is carefully characterized for particle size and concentration by NanoSightTM analysis, and expression of specific exosome protein markers validated by Western blot.
Use these well-validated exosomes for a variety of applications, including:

  • Protein biomarker analysis
  • qPCR for RNA biomarkers
  • High-throughput biomarker discovery (g. mass spec analysis)
  • Electron microscopy
  • Standardized controls for disease studies

Purified exosomes are stored in 1x PBS, and each unit contains 25 µg of exosomal protein. Lot-specific NanoSight and Western blot data are provided to ensure lot-to-lot quality and consistency. Each vial has enough material to run approximately 5 lanes in an SDS-PAGE gel (5 µg protein/lane).
Available purified exosomes

Exosomes isolated from cancer cell lines
EXOP-100A-1 MCF-7 Human breast cancer, noninvasive cell line
EXOP-105A-1 MDA-MB-231 Human breast cancer, aggressive/invasive/metastatic cell line
EXOP-115A-1 PC-3 Human prostate cancer cells derived from metastatic cancer cell line
EXOP-120A-1 A549 Human non-small cell lung cancer cell line
EXOP-125A-1 H841 Human small cell lung cancer cell line
EXOP-130A-1 H196 Human small cell lung cancer cell line
EXOP-135A-1 DMS114 Human small cell lung cancer cell line
Exosomes isolated from stem cell lines
EXOP-140A-1 PCS-500-011 Human pre-adipose derived mesenchymal stem cell
EXOP-145A-1 PCS-500-012 Human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell line
Exosomes isolated from immune-related cell lines
EXOP-150A-1 BC-3 Human B lymphocyte cell line
EXOP-155A-1 Jurkat Clone E6-1 Human T lymphocyte cell line
EXOP-160A-1 JM1 Human T pre-B lymphoblast cell line
EXOP-165A-1 RAWS 264.7 Mouse macrophage cell line
EXOP-200A-1 JAWS II Mouse bone marrow immature dendritic cell line
Exosomes isolated from general cell lines
EXOP-110A-1 HEK293 Human embryonic kidney cell line
XPAK100EX-G XPack-GFP-loaded HEK293 exosomes
Exosomes isolated from biofluid exosomes
EXOP-500A-1 Human pooled serum (healthy donors)
EXOP-510A-1 Human pooled saliva (healthy donors)
EXOP-520A-1 Human pooled urine (healthy donors)
EXOP-530A-1 Human pooled CSF (healthy donors)

Supporting Data

Validated using Western blotting and NanoSight analysis

SBI's Biofluid Exosomes contain expected protein markers as shown via Western blot analysis

Figure 1. SBI’s Biofluid Exosomes contain expected protein markers as shown via Western blot analysis. The amount of protein loaded on each gel is as indicated.

NanoSight analysis of Biofluid Exosomes show expected size distributions

Figure 2. NanoSight analysis of Biofluid Exosomes show expected size distributions. Concentrations in particles/mL are shown, with the particle size mode reported on each plot.