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SBI's Exosome Workshop Training Course
September 25-29, 2017

Registration for the September 2017 Exosome Workshop class is now open, register today!

In this workshop, SBI's exosome experts will teach how to quickly and easily isolate or immunopurify exosomes from different biofluids. Wet lab experience includes how to quantify isolated exosomes using enzymatic & ELISA assays, as well as Western blotting of common exosomal markers. Training on labeling exosomes to track cellular uptake and delivery as well as engineering exosome cargo will also be covered. This training course is designed for MS/PhD/MD/Postdoc students and scientists already in the exosome life science research field or those interested in beginning exosome studies. Previous knowledge in basic tissue culture is recommended.

What makes this workshop course unique?

  • Participants can analyze their own samples.
  • Participants practice validated exosome workflows. 
  • Each participant receives a laboratory manual.
  • Participants receive continuous education and support.
  • Learn from experts with years of exosome experience.
  • All instructors available for one-on-one discussions.
  • Course takes place in sunny Palo Alto, CA.

Are you interested in studying exosomes?

• Would you like to isolate, quantitate and engineer exosomes?
• Do you want to study exosomal RNA?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this course is for you.

• In-depth exosome training course over 5 days with breakfast and lunch included (lodging and transportation not included).
• Ship your own samples to SBI for exosome analysis during the course (2 sample limit) !

Early bird registration ends 8/28/17)
• Academic participants: $1500 per person (Cat# EC1000-A1)
• Corporate participants: $2500 per person (Cat# EC1000-C1)

Regular registration begins 8/29/17)
• Academic participants: $2000 per person (Cat# EC1000-A2)
• Corporate participants: $3000 per person (Cat# EC1000-C2)

Space is very limited, register today!


Register today

Or Email to register: Exosome Course Registration services@systembio.com


Exosome Workshop Training Course October 3-7, 2016


SBI Exosome Training Course - Sample Schedule








Continental Breakfast

Continental Breakfast

Continental Breakfast

Continental Breakfast

Continental Breakfast

Morning 1

Welcome, Orientation and Safety
Lecture: Overview and background of Exosomes
Exosome pre-course quiz and discussion

Daily Review

Lecture on that day's experiments and tools used

Daily Review
Lecture on that day's experiments and tools used

Lecture: Exosome Biomarker Discovery

Daily Review
Lecture: Combining all exosome technologies and upcoming attractions

Week Review
Wet Lab:
A) Analysis of exosome RNA qPCR results

Break 1







Morning 2


Wet Lab:
A) Image cells producing XPack-GFP/XMIR-1 exosomes
B) Isolation of exosomes from media using ExoQuick-TC and exosomes from serum samples

Wet Lab:
A) Harvesting of Exosomes, protein quantitation
B) Load protein gels for westerns


Wet Lab:
Prepare and image Exo-Glow and Exo-Fect exosomes in cells
B) Westerns - second day, add secondary antibody

Wet Lab:
A) Image XPack-GFP target cells
B) Prepare target cell lysate RNA and XPack exosome RNA (SeraMir)
C) Start cDNA synthesis

Exosome post-course quiz and discussion

Compile the week's data on USB drives to take home


Attendee introductions and exosome research interests

Guest Lecture:TBA

Special Lecture: Genome Editing with CRISPR/Cas9

Guest Lecture: "Exosome-based Technology for the Development of Novel Therapies", Dr. Alain Delcayre of ExoThera, Inc.

Distribution of Graduation Certificates


Afternoon 1



Lecture: Introduction to engineering exosomes and experiments to label and transfect exosomes (XPack, XMIR, Exo-Glow, Exo-Fect, EV shuttles)

D) Quantify exosomes using EXOCET
E) Western blots continued (transfer)

C) Wash membranes
D) Image Western blot results

D) Set up qPCR plates for XMIR-1 and controls

Break 2





Course Ends

Afternoon 2

Wet Lab: Label exosome cargo with Exo-Glow, Exo-Fect exosomes with siRNA

F) Block membranes; add primary antibodies to Western blots
G) Add XPack-GFP exosomes to target cells

H) Add Exo-Glow and Exo-Fected exosomes to target cells +/- EV- Entry

Field trip to Google campus

Free time, Q&A discussions, data review


5:30pm class ends for the day




 Dinner Event