In Vivo Imaging

Quantitative luciferase, GFP, and RFP expression and reporter vectors are just a small sampling of the products and services SBI offers of in vivo imaging

With so many combinations of promoter and selectable markers to express luciferase, GFP, and RFP, SBI's products cover many of your in vivo imaging needs. Monitor expression of signaling pathways, uncover subcellular localization, track differentiation, and more. Choose one of our ready-to-transduce or—transfect products or, if you don't see what you need, have SBI make the construct or imaging cell line for you.

Outsource for efficiency

Keep your focus on your science by letting SBI build in vivo imaging constructs and deliver them into the cell line of your choice.

  • Syn2Clone Custom Constructs —quickly get imaging constructs with our pipette-free service. Simply email us the sequence of your gene and we'll synthesize and clone it into any of our inducible vectors for little more than the cost of the empty vector.
  • Stable Cell Lines —have SBI handle transduction or transfection to deliver your imaging construct into your chosen cell line
  • Lentivirus Packaging—SBI can also package your lentivectors for you, delivering high-titer and ultra-high titer preparation at scales of up to 10 mL.