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Package miRNAs into Exosomes

XMIRXpress Lentivectors

Make Exosome miRNA Factories

  • XMIR miRNAs
  • AXMIR anti-miRNAs
  • Pre-made XMIR lentivectors
  • XMIRXpress cloning lentivector
  • All tagged with XMotif RNA tag

The XMotif RNA Sequence Packages RNAs into Exosomes

Exosomes contain distinct subsets of RNAs and proteins depending upon the cell type from which they are secreted, making them useful for biomarker discovery. Additionally, their natural function as cell to cell communication vehicles makes them attractive for use as therapeutic shuttles to deliver biological molecules or drugs to target disease cells. The RNA content of exosomes varies depending upon the cell type from which they are secreted. The mechanism of how specific RNA sequences are selectively packaged into exosomes is an intensive area of investigation. SBI has identified a specific RNA sequence tag that targets a small RNA to be packaged into exosomes for secretion. The "XMotif" RNA sequence tag has been incorporated into the miRNA and anti-miRNA oligos for the XMIR/AXMIR products and has been built into the XMIRXpress cloning and expression lentivectors.

How exosome RNA packaging works

Exosome RNA packaging

The small RNA packaging system works by simply transfecting the XMIR/AXMIR RNA oligo of choice into cells that you want to produce the engineered exosomes. The result is a burst of miRNA loading into secreted exosomes that can be isolated and then used to treat other target cells to test for phenotypic effects. The XMIRXpress lentivector system incorporates the XMotif scaffold tag sequences into the multiple cloning site (MCS) of the lentivector. There are a number of pre-made miRNAs in XMIRXpress lentivectors. A cloning XMIRXpress lentivector (cat# XMIRXP-Vect) is also available, enabling you to clone the miRNA or anti-miRNA of choice into the XMIRXpress lentivector. Once cloned, the XMIRXpress lentivector can be packaged into virus and used to transduce producer calls of interest to generate stable cell lines constantly secreting exosomes with engineered RNA content for your studies.