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Cumate Switch Inducible Lentivectors
Transdifferentiation Factors
pGreenFire Pathway Reporters
LentiStarter Virus Packaging Kit
LentiSuite Virus Packaging Kit
PureFection transfection
PiggyBac Transposons
Minicircle DNA Vectors
GeneNet RNAi Libraries
Minicircle LGNSO Reprogrammer
Sterol LXR pGreenFire Reporters
PSGro® Human iPSC/ESC Growth Medium
mRNAExpress™ iPSC mRNAs
iPS Cell Lines (Retro)
Disease Model iPS Cell Lines
P-iPS Cell Lines (Protein)
Stem Cell Reporters
ExoQuick Exosome Isolation
ExoQuick-TC Exosome Isolation from Media/Urine
Exosome Antibody and ELISA Kits/Urine
SeraMir™ Serum Exosome RNA Isolation Kits/Urine
Lenti-miR microRNA precursor clones
miRZips Anti-microRNA Constructs
OncoMir Precursor Lentivirus Library
MicroRNA Target Selection System
Cold Fusion cloning kit
Retro-Concentin Retrovirus Concentration
MycoQuick Mycoplasma Detection Kit
MetaMorph Mutagenesis Kit
Cyto-Tracers GFP Fusion Proteins