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Stem Cell Research

Tools to study pluripotency and differentiation

iPSC Technologies and Reporting Systems

  • Induce Pluripotency with iPSC factors
  • Study Pluripotency with pre-made iPS Cell lines
  • Confirm Pluripotency with Oct4 and Nanog
  • Track Differentiation across 5 lineages

iPSC Reprogramming Systems



Episomal: A non-viral, non-integrating vector system which enables high efficiency reprogramming of many somatic cell types into iPSCs. This system offers one of the most effective options for generating transgene-free iPSCs, and is easy to use.

Integrase: A non-viral system utilizing the PhiC31 integrase, especially effective for generation of murine iPSCs. Popular for gene therapy applications, the single copy, integrated cassette includes a unique PinPoint site which can be used for targeted gene addition.

PiggyBac: A non-viral method based on the piggyBac transposon system. The piggyBac transposase can be used to excise the iPSC factors after reprogramming.

Retroviral: The original method for generating iPSCs. A well-established, high efficiency system for creating iPSCs in any lab.

Verify iPSCs for Pluripotency Markers with SBI's Antibody Kits

Episomal Reprogrammed iPS Cells