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Retrovirus iPSCs

Wild-type Induced Pluripotent Cell Lines

Confirmed and certified iPS Cell Lines

  • Retrovirus iPS Cells made with Oct4, Sox2, cMyc and Klf4
  • Study the pluripotency process
  • Differentiation enabled
  • Investigate epigenetics

Human and Mouse iPS Cell Lines

Jump start your iPS cell research with pre-made, high quality iPS cell lines
• iPS cell lines made using Oct4, Sox2, c-Myc, and KLF4
• Study the induced pluripotency process
• Measure mRNA and microRNA signatures
• Identify novel epigenetic markers to study pattern formation
• Develop directed differentiation protocols
• Have SBI create custom iPS cell lines, please inquire: info@systembio.com

• Human Fibroblast-derived, feeder-free iPS cell line catalog# SC102A-1
• Human Adipose Stem Cell-derived, feeder-free iPS cell line catalog# SC402A-1
• Mouse C57BL/6 certified iPS Cell Line catalog# SC201A-1

All iPS Cell lines are certified to be pluripotent through iPS Cell Marker staining

SC102A-1 iPSC tests

Stem cell markers for Nanog, TRA-1-60, Oct4 and SSEA3 and were determined by immunocytochemistry using SBI's Complete Antibody and AP staining Kit, cat# SAB-KIT-1.