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Minicircle iPS Cells and mcDNA

Nonviral Induced Pluripotent Cell Line and Minicircle DNA

Confirmed and certified iPS Cell Lines

  • Nonviral iPS Cells made with Lin28, Nanog, Sox2 and Oct4
  • Non-integrative
  • Differentiation enabled

Nonviral Human iPS Cells and Minicircle Reprogramming DNA

Nonviral and non-integrating minicircle (mc) DNA technology available as well as a Human mc-iPS Cell Line

The minicircle DNA features easy-to-transfect molecules that have an extended expression lifespan in cells to efficiently reprogram somatic cells to the pluripotent state. After 21 days, the non-integrating mc-DNAs disappear and the iPS cells are fully reprogrammed. SBI offers the pre-made, ready-to-transfect 4-in-1 minicircle reprogramming DNA as well as the Human mc-iPS Cell line highlighted in Nature Methods, A nonviral minicircle vector for deriving human iPS cells. Jia F, et al., 2010 Mar;7(3):197-9. The mc-iPS Cell Line was derived from adult human adipose stem cells (hASCs).

Colonies with morphologies similar to hESC colonies were clearly visible by day 18 after transfection. At day 26–28 after transfection, GFP-negative mc-iPSC colonies were individually picked for further expansion and analysis. The GFP signal decreases over time correlating with the disappearance of the minicricle DNA with simultaneous increase of the endogenous pluripotency marker expression. The bar graph qPCR expression data is adapted from Jia F, et al., 2010.


* SBI is an Authorized and Fully Licensed provider of the Minicircle Reprogramming DNA Kit and the mc-iPS Cell Line.