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Disease Model Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Create Ideal Screening Cell Lines for Accelerated Drug Discoveries

Disease model iPS Cell lines

  • Reprogrammed using standard OSKM factors
  • Certified pluripotent with positive immunostaining
  • Study the disease process more accurately with better models

Disease and Patient-specific iPS Cell Lines

SBI and DV Biologics have partnered to develop novel Human iPS cell lines from patient-derived sources. Utilizing iPS cell lines from these disorders represents an opportunity to recapitulate both normal and pathological tissue formation in vitro for the ideal drug development screening cell line to facilitate new therapeutic discovery and disease modeling.

Available Disease iPS Cell Lines

• Wild-type, Non-diseased: 64-year old Caucasian male
• Type I Diabetes: Autoimmune Model
• MLD: Polyneuropathy Model
• Muscular Dystrophy: Muscle development Model
• Glioblastoma: Tumorigenic Model
• ALS: Neurodegeneration Model
• Type II Diabetes: Metabolic Model
• Parkinson's Disease: Neurodegenerative disorder Model




Human Wild-type iPSC Cell Line SC600A-WT Control

The SC600A-WT human iPS cell line is derived from cultured skin explants from dermal fibroblasts from a single donor. The donor is a 64 year old Caucasian male with no known disease. The human wild-type iPS cell line was generated and cultured in the same conditions as the diseased iPS cell lines. It is an ideal control cell line for the disease and patient-specific iPS cell lines. Stem cell markers for Nanog, TRA-1-60, Oct4 and SSEA3 and were determined by immunocytochemistry using SBI's Complete Antibody and AP staining Kit, cat# SAB-KIT-1.