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Differentiation Reporters

Track transcription network activity
during cellular differentiation

Create stable reporter cell lines

  • GFP fluorescent reporter
  • Zeocin resistance marker
  • Monitor differentiation in real-time

Monitor stem cells during differentiaion

Choose from Five Categories: Neural, Hematopoietic, Myogenic, Structural and Signaling

All Stem Cell Differentiation Reporters are available as lentivector plasmids or as pre-packaged lentiviral preparations (using the HIV lentiviral backbone and pseudotyped with VSV-G protein)—ready for transduction of target cells. The standard product size is 10 ug of plasmid or 1 x 10^6 IFUs per packaged lentiviral reporter. Positive and negative transduction control plasmids and pre-packaged viral particles are also available.