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Custom iPS Cell Lines

Let the experts do it for you

Hire a Stem Cell Scientist

  • iPS cells from your model system
  • Human or Mouse iPSCs
  • Reprogrammed with Oct4, Sox2, Klf4 and cMyc
  • Process takes about 2-3 months

Custom Human and Mouse iPS Cell Lines

Jump start your iPS cell research with custom-made, high quality iPS cell lines
• iPS cell lines generated from your model system
• iPS cell lines made using defined reprogramming factors
• Study the induced pluripotency process
• Measure mRNA and microRNA signatures
• Identify novel epigenetic markers to study pattern formation
• Develop directed differentiation protocols
• Have SBI create custom iPS cell lines, please inquire: services@systembio.com

Episomal Reprogramming Service Details

• Virus-free
• Footprint-free
• Feeder-free

Simply provide SBI with two vials of approximately 2x10^5 patient fibroblast cells and we take care of the rest. The cells will be reprogrammed using the episomal, non-integrating Epstein-Barr Nuclear Antigen 1 (EBNA) plasmid system. The EBNA1 factor binds to a replication origin (oriP) within the viral genome, and mediates the replication and partitioning of the episomes during division of the host cells. This element has been engineered and included in the standard iPSC factor plasmids for efficient, non-integrating reprogramming. Episomes are lost from cells at a rate of ~5% per cell generation, and most iPS cell lines lose the episomes completely by passage 15.

Service includes:

  • Expand the patient fibroblasts
  • Electroporate fibroblasts with the EBNA reprogramming episomal plasmids
  • Culture the cells until iPSC morphology
  • Pick and expand the iPS cells
  • Characterize the iPSCs for pluripotency markers AP, TRA-1-60, Nanog and SSEA3
  • Deliver 3 to 5 independent iPS cell lines
  • Turnaround time 3-5 months
  • Email to inquire about EBNA service pricing

Example of patient-specific iPS cell lines created at SBI using EBNA


Retroviral Reprogramming Service Details

• Generate disease and patient-specific iPSCs from your own model system
• Retroviral reprogramming using standard Oct4, Sox2, c-Myc, and Klf4 Factors
• iPSC colonies are selected based on expected morphology
• AP Staining and immunostaining of ESC markers Nanog or Oct4, SSEA3/4 & TRA-1-81 included
• SBI provides 5 validated iPSC colonies for each genotype
• Timelines for Mouse iPSCs: 2-3 months and Human iPSCs: 3-4 months

Examples of patient-specific iPS cell lines created at SBI


How to place an order

Contact SBI to begin the process.
Telephone: (650) 968-2200
E-mail SBI's custom services staff