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Profiling Overview

Sensitive and accurate qPCR profiling

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  • Genome-wide Human and Mouse
  • OncoMir panel
  • Stem cell panel

Expert microRNA qPCR profiling services


SBI's experienced scientists will profile microRNAs from your RNA samples using real-time qPCR.

Why is this service unique and preferred to array chips?

Most chip hybridization experiments have a low sensitivity, narrow dynamic range and for publication of your expression data, you will need to perform qPCR for validation. SBI's quality qPCR array profiling data are very sensitive (requires femtogram amounts of RNA per measurement), are highly quantitative with several log-fold dynamic range. Superior and accurate results guaranteed.

How to place an order

1. Contact SBI to begin the process.
Telephone: (650) 968-2200
E-mail or Fax order form (PDF) » to 650-968-2277.


2. Ship your total RNA samples frozen in 10ul water on dry ice (Trizol-extracted RNA works great). As little at 500ng will be enough.
3. SBI will generate microRNA-derived cDNA suitable for qPCR and profile the microRNAs using the qPCR array of your choice.
4. All raw Ct data are emailed directly to you.
5. SBI scientists perform statistical cross-comparison expression analysis and email this to you.
6. SBI will contact you to review your data with you via conference call.

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