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Precursor Overexpression

Custom microRNA expression constructs

Lentiviral-based vectors

  • Permanently express your microRNA
  • Create stable cell lines

Have SBI design and build your custom microRNA precursor clone.

If we do not currently offer the microRNA precursor clone needed for your research, we can make it for you for a reasonable price with a quick turn around time.

Email SBI to get started.


Your custom construct or any of SBI's existing microRNA Lenti-miR™ expression clones can be prepared as high-quality plasmid DNA and also can be packaged into lentivirus—ready for transduction.

Service Description Catalog# Amount
PMIRH Plasmid DNA Preparation
CS950MR-1 >200 ug
PMIRH Regular Titer Virus of Individual Construct
CS960MR-1 >10^7 IFUs/ml, >250 ul
PMIRH High Titer Virus of Individual Construct
CS965MR-1 >10^8 IFUs/ml, >250 ul


PMIRH Ultra-High Titer Virus of Individual Construct for In Vivo Infections
CS970MR-1 >10^9 IFUs/ml, >250 ul