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MicroRNA Knockdown

Permanent knockdown of endogenous microRNAs

Lentiviral-based microRNA suppression

  • Custom lentivector constructs

SBI will custom design and build your Anti-microRNA miRZip™ clone.

If we do not currently offer the miRZip clone needed for your research, we can make it for you for a reasonable price with a quick turn around time.

Email SBI to get started.


Your custom construct or any of SBI's existing miRZip™ knockdown clones can be prepared as high-quality plasmid DNA and also can be packaged into lentivirus—ready for transduction.

Service Description Catalog# Amount
miRZip Plasmid DNA Preparation
CS950MZ-1 >200 ug
miRZip Regular Titer Virus of Individual Construct
CS960MZ-1 >10^7 IFUs/ml, >250 ul
miRZip High Titer Virus of Individual Construct
CS965MZ-1 >10^8 IFUs/ml, >250 ul


miRZip Ultra-High Titer Virus of Individual Construct for In Vivo Infections
CS970MZ-1 >10^9 IFUs/ml, >250 ul