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Packaging Services

Express Lentiviral Packaging Service from SBI

Ready-to-transduce virus

  • 10^7 IFU/ml
  • 10^8 IFU/ml
  • 10^9 IFU/ml

Industry Leader in Lentivirus Manufacturing

Express Lentiviral Packaging Service

SBI offers Express Lentiviral Packaging service to produce high-quality, high-titer virus particles using your lentivector construct in as little at 10 days. Save yourself the time and effort of preparing your own virus, and receive ready-to-transduce lentiviral particles from SBI - the Lentiviral Experts.* (see sample infectivity data).
All custom virus production services should come with information on the plasmids which have to be packaged.

Quantitation of Lentivirus Titer

Lentivirus titers can be measured in multiple ways. Viral suface protein measurements by ELISAs overestimate titer levels because it detects both active and dead virus particles. SBI measures virus titer by transducing target cells at several multiplicity of infections (MOIs) with subsequent qPCR analysis to determine the exact number of lentiviral integrations per target cell genome. This calculated titer is the most accurate method of measuring active virus particles and is reported as Infectious Units (IFU) per mL.

Our Quality Virus Packaging Service Guarantees

  • Production of virus in a state-of-the art BSL-2 facility with robust quality control in accordance with NIH Biosafety Level 2 criteria
  • Small scale pilot production runs available to test infectivity in cell lines of your choice
  • Highly consistent and reliable using SBI's vectors and cloning services
  • Virus titers at or above the desired titer levels, using SBI's vector
  • One additional virus packaging run inlcuded if desired titer is not achieved
  • Flexibility of virus production scales to meet your research needs
  • Accurate Virus titers as determined by qPCR to measure infectious units per ml ( ifus/ml)
  • Expert technical assistance provided by SBI's experienced scientific staff response within 24 hours



You provide SBI with:

  • Endotoxin-free HIV-based* lentivector plasmid DNA** (10-40 μg depending on level of titer requested)
  • All custom virus production services should come with information on the plasmids which have to be packaged
  • Vector must be able to produce virus (NO: internal poly A signal, toxic genes, unusual 2° structure, or 5' to 3' LTR size >8kb.)
    *FIV-based lentiviral packaging service also available, Regular Titer only.
    **We recommend EndoFree Plasmid Maxi Kit (cat# 12362) from Qiagen for plasmid prep.


Download Forms for Virus Production Request and Plasmid Submission

What SBI provides to you

  • SBI provides a minimum of 10 x 25 uL aliquots of VSV-G pseudotyped lentiviral particles at the specified level of titer measured as active infectious units (IFU/mL).
  • 2 to 3 weeks turnaround time
  • Aliquot size can be customized to fit customer's needs, larger lot sizes are also available upon request
  • QC data from transduction of HT1080 control cell lines and fluorescent microscopy imaging included in Product Analysis Certificates for lentiviruses with fluorescent reporters


Use SBI's packaged viruses in vivo

Ultra-High Titer (UHT) virus is optimized for in vivo applications, and is routinely used by researchers for in vivo brain injections, as well as delivery to other tissues. As published in Rayner, et al. (Science 2010; 328(5985):1570-73), SBI prepared custom UHT virus particles for microRNA-33 overexpression and knockdown, which were used to successfully study cholesterol transport in whole animal models.

Service Details

• Obtain ready-to-transduce lentivirus in 10-15 days
• Choose any of SBI's lentivectors or provide your own construct
• 3 different levels of titer available to meet your specific requirements
• Ultra-high titer virus is made for in vivo and stem cell applications
• Viral preparations are concentrated using our proprietary method
• Precise, active virus titer measurements by qPCR included


How to place an order

Contact SBI to begin the process.
Telephone: (650) 968-2200
E-mail SBI's custom services staff