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Custom-built RNAi Libraries

Design and dissect your pathway of interest

Lentiviral-based RNAi

  • Choose your genes to knockdown

Custom Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Libraries

System Biosciences has significant experience in constructing pooled shRNA libraries, and can build a custom shRNA library targeting a gene list of your choice. Pooled libraries allow for high throughput screening of many targets in a single experiment, and can be used to discover novel drug targets, dissect signaling pathways and more. Select from a variety of premium lentivector backbone options, including the popular pGreenPuro shRNA vector, with dual GFP and Puro resistance markers. Choose SBI for high-throughput RNAi.

Service Details

• Provide your own siRNA or shRNA sequences, or provide a list of mRNA targets and have SBI design the shRNAs
• 18-nt bar code compatible with the Illumina HT Sequencing platform to facilitate positive identification of shRNAs
• HT sequencing QC ensures presence and distribution of shRNAs for representational screening
• Library construction and QC take approximately 3 months
• After construction, libraries can be provided directly as pooled DNA (>200 μg) or ready-to-use pre-packaged virus



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