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Custom Lentiviral Constructs

Proven lentivector technologies

Cloning Service available for:

  • shRNA
  • cDNA
  • microRNAs
  • Transcription Reporters

Custom Cloning Services

Save yourself time and have SBI's team of experts build the custom constructs that you need. SBI offers a wide-range of options for single or multiple shRNAs, cDNAs & microRNAs, as well as Transcription Reporter construct cloning. Choose from a variety of promoters, reporter genes and delivery systems including Lentivector, Minicircle, and PiggyBac vectors.

Service Details

• Turnaround time for standard projects is 2 weeks
• All custom-built constructs are sequence verified with annotated plasmid maps
• Choose from SBI's premium Lentivector backbones, or new Minicircle and PiggyBac vectors
• Cold Fusion cloning allows multiple fragments to be cloned in a single step
• MetaMorph custom mutagenesis service also available
• Vector customization options to give you exactly what you need



How to place an order

Contact SBI to begin the process.
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