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Lentiviral Custom Services

Let the experts do it for you

Experts in providing custom:

  • Lentivector constructs
  • High-titer virus packaging
  • RNAi Libraries
  • Stable cell lines

Lentiviral Custom Services


Virus packaging, lentivector construction, stable cell line generation and custom shRNA library services

We can save you the time and trouble of constructing and packaging lentiviral constructs, RNAi libraries, and stable cell lines.  Accelerate your research discoveries and let us make the tools you need for you.

Custom Lentivector Cloning Service
Choose from our wide-assortment of existing vectors or let us customize a vector to give you exactly what you need.  From tissue-specific shRNA expression to bi-directional transcription reporters, if you need it, we can build it for you in our superior lentiviral backbones.
— shRNA Constructs
— cDNA Constructs
— Transcription Reporter Constructs

Express Lentiviral Packaging Service
Avoid the trouble of packaging your own lentiviral preparations and put SBI’s packaging expertise to work for you.  Receive ready-to-transduce, high-titer virus in as little as 2 weeks!
— >10^9 IFU/mL titer option available
— Express Packaging Service with 2-3 week turnaround time

Custom Reporter Cell Lines
SBI’s scientists will make you a stable reporter cell line using your cells and the reporter construct of your choice.  We are specialists in developing stable cell lines with low background and strong responsiveness.
—  Select the reporter construct of your choice
—  Stable cell lines made from your cells

Custom RNAi Libraries
SBI can build you a pooled, RNAi Library targeting your specific genes of interest.  We have years of experiencing building bar-coded shRNA libraries in our lentiviral vectors.  Let us design, clone and package a library of shRNA sequences for high-throughput RNAi screening of your target genes.
— Pooled, bar-coded lentiviral format for HT screening
— Customized to target your specific gene list
— Available as ready-to-transduce viral particles
— Expert consulting and experimental advice

Hybridization and Data Analysis for RNAi Libraries
SBI’s GeneNet and custom RNAi Libraries are built to hybridize to Affymetrix gene chips.  We will prepare and hybridize your samples to the chips, and provide expert data analysis of your results.
— Amplification of GeneChip targets from selected cells
— Hybridization, analysis, and delivery of functional data to you