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Exosome Characterization by NanoSight Service

NEW: Fluorescent NanoSight NTA Quantitation of Your Exosomes

SBI is now offering fluorescent NTA quantitation of exosomes as a custom service based on our new ExoGlow-NTA fluorescent labeling kit, which enables specific measurement of only intact vesicles, significantly reducing particle background compared to regular light-scattering NTA. For more information on the ExoGlow-NTA kit, click here.

Have SBI isolate and characterize exosomes from your biofluid samples (serum, urine, media, CSF, etc.). You can also send SBI exosomes you have already isolated and we can perform the nanoparticle tracking analysis, using conventional or fluorescence-based NTA. Each sample will be gently vortexed at 2.5k for 10 sec and then bath sonicated for 10 min at 33°C to ensure adequate exosome dispersion in the solution. NanoSight measurements are carried out in 0.02 um filtered PBS to remove any background and then visualized on an LM10 NanoSight instrument.

Summary reports provided in the service

SBI provides the particle analysis data, measured in triplicate in reports that show the mean, mode diameter size of the exosomes as well as concentration of the exosomes. Each sample is visualized independently and a video recorded of the data collection. This data video is also supplied as a wmv file included in the service. SBI's NanoSight complete service can be ordered using catalog# CSNANO100A-1 for our standard service, or catalog# CSNANO200A-1 for our new Fluorescent NTA service.

Summary reports
(click to download sample reports)

Data collection videos (wmv files)

Exosome NanoSight Report exosome nanosight video

Shown above are exosomes moving in Brownian motion and the laser light scattering is recorded and each particle tracked.