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Exosome ELISAs, FluoroCet, EXOCET

Quantitate isolated exosomes

  • ELISAs for sensitive, antibody-based quantitation
  • EXOCET for quick and easy quantitation
  • FluoroCet for quick, easy, and ultrasensitive quantitation

A Range of Fast and Sensitive Options for Exosome Quantitation

When you need to know the amount of exosomes you’ve isolated, SBI offers a range of options that meet most quantitation needs. For the fastest and most sensitive antibody-based quantitation, our new ExoELISA-ULTRA CD63 kit (cat# EXEL-ULTRA-CD63-1) improves on our current ExoELISA kits with greater sensitivity–down to 1-200 µg protein equivalent–and a fast, 4-hour workflow. For consistency with past studies, we still offer our standard Exo-ELISA™ kits (cat# EXOEL), which enable quantitation of any one of three well-characterized exosome markers–CD9, CD63, or CD81. If you want speedier quantitation (20 min) that does not rely on antibody binding, the EXOCET kit (cat# EXOCET96A-1) provides direct measurement of the activity of a known exosomal protein, Acetylcholinesterase (AChE). FluoroCet (cat# FCET96A-1) is a >30-fold more sensitive version of EXOCET that relies upon fluorescence-based quantitation.

ExoELISA-ULTRA, ExoELISA, EXOCET, and FluoroCet kits are all fully compatible with exosomes isolated by SBI’s ExoQuick or ExoQuick-TC reagents as well as ultracentrifugation methods.

Which exosome quantitation kit is right for you?







For fast and sensitive antibody-based detection of exosomes

For sensitive detection of exosomes when time is not limiting

For fast quantitation of extracellular vesicles with moderate sample input requirements

For the most sensitive detection of extracellular vesicles with very low sample input requirements


Enzymatic, antibody

Enzymatic, antibody

Enzymatic, colorimetric

Enzymatic, Fluorescent

Protocol Time

4 hours (no overnight incubation)

24 hours

20 min

60 min

Input Amount

1-200 µg protein equivalent

>500 µg protein equivalent

50 µg protein equivalent

<1 µg protein equivalent