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Cold Fusion Cloning Kit Specials

Find out why most researchers who try Cold Fusion cloning never go back.

  • Restriction enzyme, phosphatase and ligase free system
  • Clone any insert, at any site within any vector
  • Powerful technology to join multiple fragments at once
  • Rapid one reaction for 5 minutes at room temperature, then fusion on ice for 10 minutes
  • Introduce or correct mutations at will in cDNAs
  • Cloning efficiencies of >90%
  • Amenable to high throughput cloning applications
  • See recent Cold Fusion citations here

No more need for restriction enzymes or ligase !

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Offer available for a limited time only. Applicable for new US orders only. International customers: please inquire for available discounts.


Introducing the SparQ™ Cumate Switch:

Inducible Lentivectors for Mammalian Gene Expression


  • Extremely low background with robust Cumate-On induction
  • Track induction with co-expressed RFP or GFP markers
  • Easy to titrate level of induction with cumate solution
  • Switch ON -> Turn OFF -> Switch ON again capabilities
  • No special media or conditions required, plug and play system

Cumate Switch Starter Pack for US$850,
Catalog#: QM600A-1:
1. Your choice of any SparQ™ Inducible lentivector
2. CymR-T2A-Puro pre-packaged lentivirus
3. Cumate Solution (1000x)


Lentivector-based GFP fusion proteins for in vivo tracing
Monitor Protein Trafficking in Real-Time


  • Stable Lentivector-based System for Long-term Cell Tracing Studies
  • Function in Stem Cells and iPS Cells using MSCV promoters
  • Ideal for Co-localization Studies with other Proteins
  • Constructs for Exosomes, Organelles, Vesicles and Compartments
  • Accurately mark and follow cellular dynamics with a wide variety of pre-made Cyto-Tracer Packaged Viruses and Constructs

Nonviral, Non-Integrative Minicircle-based iPSCs

Minicircle DNA for iPSC Construction
Minicircle-derived, Integration-Free iPSCs
Novel Minicircle-based iPSC Generation System 

  • Ready to Reprogram Minicircle DNA Available Today
  • Human Adipose Cell-derived iPS Cell Line (mc-iPSCs) Made Using Minicircles
  • mc-iPSCs are Fully Characterized for Pluripotency and Differentiation Potential