LentiSuite Basic Kit

Optimized reagents for large scale lentivirus production when quantitative titer information is not required.

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LentiSuite Basic Kit (includes pPACKH1, PureFection, PEG-it, and TransDux MAX)

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LentiSuite Basic Kit (includes pPACKH1, PureFection, PEG-it, and TransDux MAX)

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Simplify large scale lentivirus production with the LentiSuite Basic Kit

Get the reagents you need for large scale lentivirus production efficiently bundled into a single kit with the LentiSuite Basic Kit. This kit is ideal for fast-moving labs that don’t need quantitative titer information, and supports generation of high-titer lentivirus particles for any application where stable gene delivery and expression is desired.

Compatible with all of SBI’s lentivectors and constructs, as well as all other third-generation lentivectors, the LentiSuite Basic Kit includes optimized reagents to support large-scale virus production—you provide the HEK293T/TN/FT producer cells and lentivector (or purchase them separately) and this kit provides enough critical reagents to support 10 virus preps from 10 cm plates, or 5 virus preps from 15 cm plates:

With the LentiSuite Basic Kit, you get more than the kit—you get confidence backed by:

  • SBI’s well-proven, widely-published lentivirus technology
  • Optimized reagents that we keep on improving
  • Deep technical expertise from the scientists that develop our lentivirus production products and perform our lentivirus production services

*One transduction reaction is defined as 500 µL of total volume in a single well of a 24-well plate.

How It Works

For fast-moving labs generating lentivirus at large scales

The LentiSuite Basic Kit includes optimized reagents for large-scale lentivirus production when quantitative titer information is not needed
Kit Contents

pPACK Packaging System

  • Reliable—generate high titers of transduction-ready pseudoviral particles
  • Powerful—efficiently deliver and stably express your lentivector constructs in a wide range of mammalian cells
  • Well-designed—quantify pseudoviral titers and transduction efficiency using a convenient copGFP control
  • Flexible—choose from FIV and HIV-based lentivector packaging kits

PureFection Transfection Reagent

  • Flexible—highly effective transfection technology supports a range of applications
    • Compatible with most cell types
    • Works with both plasmid DNA and siRNAs
  • Cost-effective—excellent alternative to expensive, lipid-based products
  • Safe—nano-based gene delivery with low toxicity
  • Fast—quick fifteen-minute protocol makes PureFection ideal for high-throughput transfections

PEG-it Concentration Reagent

  • Easy-to-use—simplifies lentiviral production by removing the need for ultracentrifugation
  • Cost-effective—contributes to more efficient transductions
  • Powerful—concentrate lentiviral particles 10- to 100-fold
  • Scalable—enables isolation of virus from large volumes of media
  • Safe—supports a range of applications
    • Found to be non-toxic to all target cell lines tested, including ES cells
    • Prevent toxic and immunogenic reactions by avoiding accumulation of cellular debris

TransDuxTM MAX Transduction Reagent

  • Efficient—up to 8-fold greater transduction efficiency than polybrene, and 4-fold greater efficiency than standard TransDux reagent as measured by qPCR*
  • Easy-to-use—kit format requires minimal hands-on time (<5 minutes)
  • Non-toxic—no need to change out media after infection
  • Versatile—works with all types of packaged lentivirus
  • Flexible—enhances transduction efficiency in a wide variety of cell lines
  • Broadly compatible—does not interfere with downstream gene expression or functional assays

*Based on infection of HT1080 cells with the pre-packaged virus format of SBI’s BLIV 2.0 reporter MSCV-Luciferase-EF1a-copGFP-T2A-Puro (Cat# BLIV713VA-1) and the appropriate conditions for polybrene, TransDux, and TransDux MAX. Virus transduction & integration efficiency was measured using SBI’s UltraRapid Titering Kit (Cat #LV961A-1).