NF-κB/293/GFP-Luc™ Transcriptional Reporter Cell Line

Monitor NF-κB signaling in vitro and screen for genetic and/or small molecule inhibitors and activators, and more – sort with GFP and quantify with luciferase

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NF-kB/293/GFP-Luc Transcriptional Reporter Cell Line

2 x 10^6 Cells
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Monitor NF-κB signaling in Jurkat cells

Speed your studies with this pre-built 293 TN-based cell line for monitoring NF-κB signaling in real time. We’ve already integrated an expression cassette that includes NF-κB-responsive transcriptional elements upstream of a minimal CMV promoter (mCMV)-GFP-luciferase cassette. Expression of GFP (up to 300-fold over background) and luciferase only occurs in the presence of active NF-κB signaling, enabling screening for genetic and/or small molecule inhibitors and activators of the NF-κB signaling pathway. Use GFP fluorescence for live cell imaging and FACS, or luciferase activity to quantitatively measure activity of the signaling pathway.

  • Study NF-κB signaling in 293 TN cells
  • Perform live cell imaging or FACS (300-fold over background NF-κB-dependent GFP signal)
  • Measure pathway activity with luciferase
  • Compatible with a variety of screening methods including small molecule and RNAi

Supporting Data

See the NF-κB/293/GFP-luc Transcriptional Reporter Cell Line in action

Monitor NF-κB in real time with GFP

Monitor NF-κB in real time with GFP

Quantitate NF-κB Activation with luciferase assaysQuantitate NF-κB Activation with luciferase assays


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