pCDH-EF1α-MCS-IRES-Puro Cloning and Expression Lentivector

With the moderate EF1α promoter upstream of an MCS and an IRES element to co-express a Puro marker, this lentivector is great for stable gene expression

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pCDH-EF1α-MCS-IRES-Puro cDNA Single Promoter Cloning and Expression Lentivector

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pCDH-EF1α-MCS-IRES-Puro cDNA Single Promoter Cloning and Expression Lentivector

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Get robust, stable expression of your gene-of-interest in dividing and quiescent cells

Well-regarded in the industry for high, reliable gene expression, SBI’s lentiviral vectors come in a variety of formats that support a wide range of applications. The pCDH-EF1α-MCS-IRES-Puro Cloning and Expression Lentivector uses the moderate EF1α promoter to co-express your gene of interest with a puromycin resistance marker, thanks to a IRES element.

pCDH-EF1α-MCS-IRES-Puro Cloning and Expression Lentivector

With over thirty HIV-based lentivector options for gene expression, SBI’s family of pCDH Cloning and Expression Lentivectors provide the right lentivector for almost any gene expression project:

  • Multiple promoter options
  • Multiple marker options—Puro, Neo, Hygro, GFP, or RFP
  • Coordinated co-expression via T2A or IRES
  • Single promoter, dual promoter, and bidirectional promoter formats
  • High expression in most hematopoietic, embryonic, and stem cells via the MSCV CpG-deficient promoter

Not sure which promoter is right for you? This table should help:

Promoter Expression Level Application
CMV High Commonly used in most cell lines (HeLa, HEK293, HT1080, etc.)
MSCV High Hematopoietic and stem cells
EF1α Medium Most cell types including primary cells and stem cells
PGK Medium Most cell types including primary cells and stem cells
UbC Low Most cell types including primary cells and stem cells


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