Exosome Engineering

When you’re ready to move from simply studying exosomes to using them as research tools, SBI offers a complete set of products for exosome engineering

Used by cells to transport cargoes of active biomolecules, exosomes are emerging as a powerful way for scientists to deliver specific proteins and miRNAs to target cells. As the field transitions from observation and analysis of exosomes to custom exosome design for therapeutics and other uses, SBI is already offering the necessary tools to push exosome engineering to the next level. With today’s family of products, you can:

  • Deliver miRNA for knockdown studies with XMIRs and AXMIRs
  • Transfect nucleic acids, proteins, and even small molecules into exosomes using Exo-Fect
  • Tag proteins for loading into exosomes using XPack
  • Facilitate uptake of exosomes by cells using EV Shuttle and EV Entry Kits
  • Target exosomes to specific tissues with XSTAMP

With SBI’s Exosome Engineering products, the possible uses for exosomes are limited only by your imagination.


Exosome Engineering Products

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XStamp™-CD40L Lentivector for Targeting Exosomes to Antigen-presenting cells

Target exosomes to antigen-presenting cells with the pre-built XStamp-CD40L Lentivector Construct.
Size:10 µg (Cat. # XSTP725PA-1)

XStamp™-IL-2 Lentivector for Targeting Exosomes to Immune Cells

Target exosomes to immune cells with the pre-built XStamp-IL-2 Lentivector Construct.
Size:10 µg (Cat. # XSTP726PA-1)

XMIR Texas Red-labeled Positive Control RNA Oligo

Support your XMIR, AXMIR, and XMIRXpress experiments with a ready-to-use, Texas Red-labeled positive control oligo.
Size:10 Reactions (Cat. # XMIR-POS)


Use exosomes to deliver anti-miRNAs to cells: with our ready-to-transfect AXMIR RNA Oligos, you can easily generate exosomes containing a specific anti-miRNA.
Available product versions (22)


Use exosomes to deliver miRNAs to cells: with our ready-to-transfect XMIR RNA Oligos, you can easily generate exosomes containing a specific miRNA.
Available product versions (25)

XMIRXpress Lentivectors

Create stable cell lines that produce exosomes with a specific miRNA cargo—great for manufacturing engineered exosomes.
Available product versions (26)

XMIRXpress Lentivector with a Non-targeting miRNA

A control XMIRXpress Lentivector that encodes a non-targeting miRNA.
Size:10 µg (Cat. # XMIRXP-NT)

XMIRXpress Cloning Lentivector

Clone-your-own—use the XMIRXpress Cloning Lentivector to create an XMIRXpress Lentivector with any miRNA
Size:10 Reactions (Cat. # XMIRXP-Vect)

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