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mRNAExpress™ mRNA Synthesis Kit

Transcribe and deliver mRNA into cells
for instant expression

Make highly concentrated mRNAs

  • Directly express key factors
  • Transfect into cells using RNAFection
  • Rapid and titratable protein expression
  • Non-integrative technology

Directly express protein factors using pre-made mRNAs

SBI's mRNAExpress™ mRNA Synthesis Kit is designed for in vitro transcription of mRNAs to be used for transfection of mammalian cells, oocyte micro-injections, in vitro translation and other applications. This high-yield kit can produce 20-40 ug of high quality mRNAs in a standard reaction. The in vitro transcription reaction utilizes a robust T7 RNA polymerase. An anti-reverse cap analog (ARCA), modified nucleotides (5-Methylcytidine-5'-Triphosphate and Pseudouridine-5'-Triphosphate) and poly-A tail are incorporated in the mRNAs to enhance the stability and to reduce the immune response of host cells. DNase I is provided to digest DNA template after mRNA synthesis. Phosphatase is provided to remove the 5' triphosphates at the end of the RNA to further reduce innate immune responses in mammalian cells. The clean-up spin column system yields high recovery of mRNAs that are ready for downstream applications. Cloning your mRNA gene into the pMRNAxp plasmid can be done using either EcoRI to BamHI sites or use SBI's Cold Fusion cloning system (catalog# MC010B-1) to fuse your cDNA of interest into the vector.

How the mRNAExpress kit works