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MetaMorph Mutagenesis Kit

Beautiful modifications made simple

Efficient and accurate mutagenesis

  • Create single or multiple mutations simultaneously
  • Introduce point mutations, deletions, or insertions
  • No limit on the size of deletions or insertions
  • Works with any vector
  • Does not introduce unwanted mutations

Mutagenesis Kit

Simple, Rapid, and Highly Efficient PCR-Based Mutagenesis Kit

MetaMorph is a mutagenesis kit based on mutagenic PCR fragments that are generated with a high-fidelity DNA polymerase, custom-designed mutagenic primers and vector primers. The mutagenic primers are designed to incorporate single or multiple mutations, insertions, or deletions. Vector primers are designed to have 20 bp homology to the linearized vector ends. The mutagenic PCR fragments fuse to create the final mutated gene-of-interest. The kit is so robust that multiple mutagenic DNA fragments can be assembled simultaneously and cloned into one construct in a single step. MetaMorph is more than 90% efficient, without unwanted mutations being introduced.